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Cheapest and fastest way to get your Private Pilot License | Less Than 5K?

Published on 16 Dec 2021 / In Training

I know, its sounds impossible, but you can do it! We tell you how to get your private pilot license for less then 5K, reduce the cost across the board, and how to get your pilot license in as little time as possible.

UPDATE: We've had a lot of comments about storage costs for the buy and sell option. In reality, if you're trying to move through things as quickly as possible, you can minimize those with a non covered tie down for the 2-3 months you'll be owning the plane. A lot of fields have a waiting list for hangers anyways, my fields is over a year. BUT, I can tie down for about $25/mo. which fits in the overall cost equation.

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We have a lot of supporting videos. We'll list them all here, but make sure to check out or channel page for more.

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