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Flying the CESSNA 172 | Circuit Touch & Goes | Getting Your Pilot's License | Flight Traini

Published on 16 Dec 2021 / In Training

If you are a pilot chances are you have flown the all too familiar Cessna 172. If you are asspiring to become a pilot... get ready because this is likely the airplane you will be training on! For me, flying a Cessna 172 again is pure nostalgia! It sends me right back to when I was doing my Private Pilots License. I was a young, nervous, inexperienced, but eager to learn student pilot, with big dreams of flying jet aircraft all over the world one day. However, since those days, flying has evolved into a passion that isn't filled with the glamour of big fancy jets... but rather, a love for sharing my passion with others, and enjoying flying in its simplest form. No schedules, no complicated procedures, just flying. And there's no better way to do that than in the very airplane that first got me inspired... the Cessna 172. Although it now costs almost double to rent from when I first got my license, it was well worth the money to get a checkout again and enjoy this wonderful aircraft.


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