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HOW MUCH DOES FLIGHT SCHOOL COST? | Private Pilot License Flight Training | Full Breakdown

Published on 16 Dec 2021 / In Training

How much does it cost to get your pilot's license? Getting your Private Pilot License (PPL) can be one of the most rewarding accomplishments in any pilots career. But how much does it cost? After posting my last video explaining the Private Pilot's License process from start to finish, I received so many questions with regards to the costs. In order to answer this question as best as possible, I've put together this breakdown budget of each part of the training. My goal is to give you the most realistic cost estimates, utilizing industry standards, flight school data, and my personal experience as a professional pilot. FOR EXAMPLE: Although the minimum flight training time required for the PPL in the US is 40 hours... almost every flight school, student, and instructor that I talked to said that on average, their students finished their license in 55 to 70 hours. Utilizing these real world figures, I made a real life budget that will help you prepare for the financial requirements demanded by the PPL. Of course, there are many ways to skin a cat, and many ways one can get their private pilot license in order to save money, however, this is a breakdown of the most common process.
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