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Tail plane Design of an Aircraft - Part 7 || Tail volume coefficient, aerodynamic balancing || ADP

Published on 13 Dec 2021 / In Aircraft Design

Hello Everyone, welcome to Aircraft design course module 7, you will learn about #TailplaneDesign or #Empennage Design of your #Aircraft_Design. In depth of the lecture , you will know about the types of tail configurations for horizontal and vertical tailplane for various aircraft . Basically you will know how to select correct tailplane configuration, determining tail volume coefficient, aspect ratio , taper ratio, airfoil selections, and tail setting angle. In addition, few design thumb rule has been discussed and process of selecting control surface based on #Aerodynamic Balancing of your aircraft.

To know about Aircraft design process : https://youtu.be/w1KYtpPVKgQ
To know about Conceptual design: https://youtu.be/xiql4_1Hr6Q
To study optimize your design aircraft:https://youtu.be/0H6gDAxcq1k
To fins the weight for your design: https://youtu.be/PnNbReuOUqE
To study about Wing Design : https://youtu.be/V0waumpMGgg
To study about Fuselage design: https://youtu.be/4DnmXIqnUBI

Looking for your valuable feedback so accordingly I can customize in my further video lecture. Hope you all will enjoy this course!

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To know about the Instructor : https://aishwaryadhara.wingsofaero.in/

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